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8 tips on how to professionally photograph your home in order to sell it

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Tip 1) And I'm not trying to be funny, but really - Get a professional to do it. I can't tell you how many deals have been lost in the photos alone. Beautiful homes that you just can't quite see because momma's thumb was over the camera and she snapped it while little Jonny was still at the table eating his lunch?! We can do better. I know.

Tip 2) More is better - I know you didn't get a chance to clean up the upstairs bedroom or clear out the garage like you thought, but showing us the ugly truth is much better than leaving us all wondering, 'What does upstairs look like?' And from experience, if I can't see it, I think the worst. So, do the best you can to get it in order, and snap it anyway.

Tip 3) Stage it baby - Bust out your Home and Gardens, Magnolia, or whatever your favorite home magazine is and try to duplicate one of your favorite rooms. Though we all like to think we have style, it's better to stick with neutral tones and very little clutter on counters and shelves. Your Avenger Collectible action figures are cool, but if you want to make a quick close your end game, you'll put them away.

Tip 4) Beds where they shouldn't be - let's break them down. You had to turn your den into a bedroom, and that's why you're selling, because you need more space. I understand. However, when you turn rooms into bedrooms that shouldn't be, it just shows weird. And yes, buyers are so particular that they'll never really be able to let go of that image. You'd be surprised how many times a buyer has complained about the setup of a home, even after I say, "You do understand that the seller is taking everything with them, right?"

Tip 5) Know your angles - And I'm not talking selfies. Try to take a photo of the room's good side. If you're not a professional, you may need to use some trial and error and snap a lot of shots until you get one that shines. Hey, I did mention you should hire a professional photographer, right?

Tip 6) Highlight your home's great qualities - Don't forget to get a picture of the shed, 3 car garage, water feature in the backyard, close up on the new flooring, etc. If it's staying and it adds value, make it stand out.

Tip 7) Flowers and greenery make a space pop. If you are not in a position to do renovations to make your home stand out, try to add a few plants, or greenery to the space. These additions photograph well, whether they are real or fake and can warm up your home.

Last and final tip, and I want you take this advice to heart if you're really serious about selling your home and getting the most you can for it...

Tip 8) Hire a professional photographer - I may not have stressed it before, because I wanted you to warm up, but this is an investment you cannot afford to skimp on. Most buyers will not even go to a home if the pictures don't draw them in. You are buying yourself an invaluable position in the marketplace amidst your competition. You need visibility and a professional photographer can get you just that.

Don't know who to contact, you're in luck - I have just the photographer for you! Email me or click Chat Now and I will connect you immediately.

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